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How Much Should I Charge For Freelance Writing

Web content – Pricing will vary, depending on the length and depth of the site, but $50 to $75 per page is a VERY reasonable starting price. Video scripts – Now is a great time to get into writing for online video and charging $80 to.

  • Your freelance writing rate for email writing can vary from $25 per email all the way to $300 per email. When I started my new service, I charged $150 per email with my goal of being $300 per email. It’s not uncommon to set.

  • This is why the upper echelon of freelance writers tends to set project-based rates. For example, a one-off blog post assignment with a top tier freelance writer with industry expertise may cost $1,000. The word count may be between 1,000-1,200 words, so you could think about it as a $1/word rate.

  • According to Tice, writers should expect to be paid hundreds of dollars per page for case studies and white papers, as they’re “heavy-duty lead generators for businesses that help them book millions in new revenue.” Pricing for short marketing emails ranged from $100 to $750 per email in 2020.

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